on flirting.

Here's the deal, I want to flirt with my husband.

And I don't just mean when we're dating, or the first few years of marriage... but 50 years down the road when I'm frumpy and he's balding.
I want be 55 and still buy lingerie to wear for him, because I hope he still thinks I'm sexy.
I want to text him flirty texts and surprise him with his favourite dinner, served while wearing a catwoman costume... because why the heck not?
I hope we make fun of each other all the time, I know I'm ridiculous... and if he's married to me, he'll have to be.
I want him to bring me tulips and lilies when we are old, because he knows me well enough to not get me roses.
I want to dance with him.. and not just that wimpy swaying back and forth... I want to tango, to salsa, to waltz with him on into the night. Put on a long dress... or maybe just a nightgown, and dance.
I want to travel the world with him, and live overseas with him, keeping a record of all the places we've visited... or, well.. nevermind.
I hope we people watch. That sounds so silly, but you know it's fun. We'll imitate the new couples as they are first falling in love, and ooh and ahh over each other like the young marrieds do. We'll laugh at awkward outfits and funny looking puppies, and roll our eyes at the pulled together business man who walks with an arrogant strut.
I want to give him my "dear future husband" journal at our wedding... and start a new one: full of fun facts and cute things that made me think of him during the day, so that each week, he has something new that I reveal or a new secret I let him in on (like how smokin hot I think he looks in his old geezer glasses).
I desperately hope that our idea of a good time when we are 65 is not just watching a sappy movie, but that we have picnics, set up a hammock in the woods, hike, make matching tie-dye shirts.
I want to fall madly in love with my husband every single day, and I want to grow with him in Christ as Christ directs us. I want to be overwhelmed with how much he listens to the Lord in the hard times, and I want him to be the leader during rough patches. I know that there will be fights and anger, but I trust that having Christ as our center will help us get through our problems.
And I hope that even after all the sickness, laughter, tears, babies, headaches, joy, family losses, and arguments...
I hope that we flirt.


Anna Forehand said...

THIS IS THE GREATEST THING I'VE EVER READ. We definitely see eye-to-eye in terms of our future relationships. :)

Also. You have a "dear future husband" journal too?! SOOO GREAT! I think we need to get coffee soon and have a little chit-chat. Hahaha.

beckydale.dale said...

You're stupid cute.