Kenya Dig It?

Yes, it is the most overused Africa-related pun. Not that I know too many, but I'm sure I could find a few.

Anyway, this is a 2am post because I can't sleep. . . what's new?

I just want to ask for your prayers:
This summer, I will be volunteering at Maisha International Orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya.

While we are in Kenya, we will spend a few days in Nairobi and then help at an arts and culture camp there in Kisumu (actually started by an OU student!). I will also, hopefully, get to meet the girl I have been sponsoring through Compassion Int'l-- Elizabeth! She is 5 and will turn 6 on July the 5th, and, oh man, she is as cute as can be. She lives just outside of Kisumu so that will be freaking awesome! The trip total is a little under a month- from June 3 to the 25th. (I'm semi bummed because I'll be coming back just a few days before my 21st birthday! How a-stinkin-mazing of a birthday present would it have been to be there on my birthday?! Hahah.

Am I freaking stoked? Heck Yes. Does this feel real yet? Heck No. 

Here is the deal- I have to raise a stink ton of money in only a couple of months due to coming onto the team so late in the game. I need your prayers, and if you so desire, your financial support. I will be sending out support letters soon, so if you want me to send you one, facebook me your address or email it to me at hope4afrika@yahoo.com. 
On second thought, I may just post it as a note on facebook or send it out as an email to friends around here to save some printing costs... hmm.. 
But, send me your address anyway. :)

So that is a quick update. I did write a bit in the past couple weeks in journals and such- some that I would like to share with you. So... something is coming. I get a D- for keeping up with this, but I'm not quite failing yet. 


The past couple days have helped to remind me why I do what I do- what it is the drives me to be a music teacher.