wwjd bracelets, jelly bands, livestrong, silly banz, you.

I hate that you've become a fad that people want to take refuge in while they can. Your name becomes as cliche as... well, as cliche as cliches get.

My sparrow. My tree. The one who pushes me to fly, but the one I always fly back to. The one who helps me find my grounding, my roots.

To some of us, you are not a bracelet to be worn and shown off for status.
I have the dinosaurs, grapes, AND a soccer ball. All you have is the heart.

((i'll take the heart))


John 12.24

I carry you with me into the world,
into the smell of rain
the words that dance between people
for me, it will always be this way,
walking in the light,
remembering being alive together 

 Love you and miss you so much tonight. I'm jealous of you dancing with others as you praise Jesus... as He stands in front of you. Selfishly, I want you to come back. To sit on my porch and drink ice tea with me and eat ice cream. To skype me so I can hear your voice one more time. But nothing I can offer could ever compare to being with the Lord. "Well done, my good and faithful servant."- the words you always wanted to hear coming from the King of all creation. I know He said them to you. And one day, I will hug you again with all the joy we once had plus some. One day I will rejoice in heaven and praise the Lord of Lords with you. Until then, I miss you and will carry you with me all the way. I know that even in your death, so much fruit will come forth for the harvest. You sought to live your life as a testimony to who God was- and you did it, Chris. You shone so bright into the world, it was a bit blinding! Your life, your joy, your passion; I hold them so close to my heart that they mix with my own and overflow. I will never forget you and the legacy you have left behind. I love you, and I'm thankful everyday for the time I shared with you. What a wonderful man of God, what a wonderful friend, what a wonderful creation He made you. :)

"Please don't think I take it lightly to leave you. 
I love you and will miss you,
but know that this absence will only be temporary.
I'll see you soon."
-Chris Baillie
November 24, 1985 - Jul 18, 2010