on celebrating birthdays.

They left me
with your shadow,
saying things like
"Life is not fair."

& I believed them
for a long time.

But today,
I remembered
the way you laughed
& the heat
of your hand
in mine

& I knew that
life is more fair
than we can
ever imagine
we are there to live it.

Today is your birthday and I miss you. As usual. But today is also a glorious reminder of the work you did here, what brought our little family together. Obama is releasing his strategy to stop LRA violence and rebuild the communities in Northern Uganda today, Chris. You'd be so excited :) We all worked together and the day is finally here. Wish you could be here with me to celebrate. I'll keep an extra close eye out for it today and we won't back down if it's not up to par. Loving you always and loving the family we all became a part of. We're pushing on, we're celebrating your life, your legacy.

Happy Birthday, my dear friend. Love you.

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Zoegrl said...

i love this. what a beautiful expression of what it means to love fully even when that means the hurt of losing is deeper than if you had stayed on the surface.

way to reach deeper. For His Glory, by His Grace.