what in the world? (pretty literally)

Okay, so I just found the "stats" tab on my blog the other day (maybe I'm a little behind...) and was pretty shocked by this. I mean, the US number makes sense. It's a bit higher than expected, though I bet quite a few of those times it was me coming back here, debating whether I had time to post or not. And I can see the 2 from Australia. Most likely Chad?
But how in the world did I get 14 views from Turkey?? And ALL IN ONE DAY? Those were all from yesterday.
This counter just blows my mind. Now I want everyone from another country to comment. That's just cool. You're free to think my blog is pointless, because most of the time it is, but I think it's crazy how people from nine countries have looked at this in the past month..

Okay, freak out over.

Have a good day. <3


chadlinski said...


You still gotta jump on the tumblr bandwagon, that's where its at!

bloggers sooo 2007 ;)

Janelle said...

No way, mate. I love me some blogspot.