ten twenty. twenty ten.

 "460 miles later and that voice will never sound the same again." - Nathan Weger

I'm still blown away by how incredible Sufjan was on Wednesday night. I almost feel bad for anyone who has had to deal with me the past couple weeks, as I think it was all I've talked about. Music has such a power- It can draw people together, it can inspire, it can bring laughter, it can heal. Few musicians have been able to do for my soul what Sufjan has, and so the chance to see him live was just... insane. Clearly, I'm still not able to put into words how much I loved it, so pardon my poor sentence structure or the fact that this isn't the most interesting blog in the world. And I may seem like I'm putting a musician on a pedestal, which I try not to do, but his music has seen me through an insane amount of times: good, bad, weird, incredible, awful. And it was fitting that the concert was a couple days after the 3 month mark.
Bah. I'm sorry, I'm rambling.
I'm just..

When I die, when I die
I'll rot.
But when I live, when I live
I'll give it all I've got.

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