An hour and 15 minutes

I have one hour and 15 minutes until I leave for the airport.

Get excited, world. Get excited.

As I mentioned in the last post, please be praying as often as you remember for my team and for the hearts of people that we meet. I want to love on people that I meet, even though I can't spend one-on-one time with them. I want the Lord to be glorified through and through. As I sit here, working on lesson plans and chillin with Custis and Lauren, my heart is racing. I'm nervous to death. I'm afraid that I will say something wrong, or teach something in a fashion that doesn't get across what I want to get across... but the Lord will work no matter what.  The Lord is mighty and will work through my failures, thank goodness. 

Lord, work through my team and me this week. Let us glorify You, even when our human faults shine through brighter than ever. I love you, Father. You are Good, even when I am not. I lift up the lives of my team and I ask for safety. I ask that you put us in situations that are out of comfort zone, and will push us to cleave to You. Lord, reveal yourself to the hearts of those we come into contact with. If they do not know You, God, POUR OUT UPON THEM! Let the people's of the nations shout Your glory!

I love you, Father.
I love you, friends :)

I am praying for you and missing you.

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