the story of His glory.

See, you come to the end of Malachi, and we see a mighty indictment against the people of Israel. This is to be the story of His glory?? It seems as though the people He placed on earth to display His kingdom have surely failed! Surely, His plan has failed, for His people have RUINED His name.

For 400 years we wait. After 400 years of silence, a whisper laughs across the expanse of the heavens!

"A King will be born."



Half of the time, I find myself asking a simple question.

"Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time 
for the important things in her life."

"Janelle. What are you doing?"


reminding me it's alright to dream.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. 

Thanks, Invisible Children, for posting this.
(Otter are sometimes called the clowns of the wilds.)


Beats. Books. Blogs.

Battlestar Galactica! 

So, this was not what I was planning on writing when I got on here, but I don't have the energy to be creative. My head hurts, I'm tired, and I hate packing. But here's the deal:
I want suggestions on new music, new books, and new blogs to read. I had a conversation with a friend over coffee and we agreed to exchange good stuff we learned of. So I guess the first step of that is actually finding those good things we both are seeking.

That's where you come in- unless "you" means "Lauren Hunter" because... well... I can't give you new music if you gave it to me, eh? And it's very possible that LHunt is the only person who reads this blogs. Who knows.

What inspires you? You turn on that song, read this book,  get updates from such and such blog, and you just feel motivated, creative, ready. I want to hear those. So, pull up your bookmarked blogosphere pages or check out that well-worn bookcase and throw some suggestions my way.

I'd love you forever.

...Not that I don't anyway.

(Please forgive my blogging tonight. I have a migraine and may not make much sense.)


I planned

on blogging today.
But that didn't happen.

Hopefully tomorrow.
Until next time,