Where to pick up again

So much has happened since my last post, I'm struggling to find myself motivated to pick back up. I have some things scribbled in my journals, but never complete blogs. And the only ones that are complete... well.. I would never put up on here.

This past semester was rough, to put it lightly. Think heavy-duty-sandpaper kind of rough. 
There were things that were out of my control, and others that I only made worse with my attitude and my laziness in dealing with them. Still others that could have been altogether avoided had I done things differently, and I'm finding it hard to not beat myself over things in the past. 

I promise I will have a new blog up soon. The Lord has been working, my friends. He's been working in my life, and in the lives around me.

For now, I'm simply asking for prayer. Prayer that I can find the words to write to express what I have in my head- because it's there... it's just not wanting to be splayed out for the world to see; to hold me accountable.